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NYS Real Estate Executive Appraisal Program on Long Island, New York!
Print This form and Send it in! Don't Miss Out on this 90 Hour Program!  Materials included including the new forms in a .pdf file. Graduates are  offered a free membership to The New York State Appraisal Network and the Who's Who Directory. Check out the site:
  A $150.00 Value...FREE!
WE  INCLUDE ALL BOOKS AND MATERIALS- OTHER SCHOOLS CAN CHARGE YOU HUNDREDS EXTRA FOR BOOKS! WE ALSO GIVE YOU ACCESS TO APPRAISAL PDF SOFTWARE AND A COMP DATA SEARCH AS PART OF THE EXTERNSHIP MOCK APPRAISAL OPTIONAL EXERCISE AT THE END OF THE   APPRAISAL PROGRAM- Make a Real Career Decision With A Real Appraisal School. Don't Settle for less, and if you do, understand what it may mean to your career. Take these courses now and be grandfathered from the new regulations.   
Our 90 Hour Program includes All Books, Manuals & Exams !
$ 895.00 Deeply Discounted Tuition for New Yorkers!

   [  ] 2007 Evening Program 5 Weeks:   Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs Eve (6-10:30pm) 5 weeks plus Fri/Sat Day(8-5pm incl. Test)
EVE PROGRAM IN 2007-The Regs Change in 1-1-08!
R-1:EVES: 5/14, 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23, 24        R-2: EVES: 5/29, 30, 31, 6/4, 5, 6, 7, 8
AQ-1: EVES: 6/11, 12, 13, 14          USPAP: DAYS8am-5pm in 2 Days) 6/15, 16

July/August Programs will be announced shortly!      

Enroll Before the Regulations  increase as per Federal Guidelines- call NYS or see the Appraisal Foundation web site for information on the new regulations, education and college courses effective 1-1-08. Enroll now. Become Licensed or Certified before the changes are implemented. EVEN THOUGH PRICES INCREASED FOR US IN 2006, IF YOU PRE-REGISTER   AND PRE-PAY WE WILL KEEP YOUR TUITION AT: $ 895.00 SAVING YOU EVEN MORE MONEY AS COMPARED TO OUR COMPETITION! We are holding down the cost of education for our students! We include all materials, books and final exams! We want to make your educational experience more affordable!  Check [x] the appropriate course program you wish to attend. You can take each course individually or as a package. Fees as follows:R-1: $325, R-2: $325, AQ1: $ 200, USPAP: $ 325. Pre-register for the 4 courses the fee is $ 895.00  including all books and manuals. (That's a $ 300+ value included in your tuition!) There is a $ 50.00 per course cancellation fee if you withdraw from the program once you register. You must withdraw from the program a minimum of 10 days prior to the start date in order to receive a partial refund, otherwise you will only receive a in house credit towards a future program. The reason is simple...we order books, prepare handouts, and set up  exams for each student and make sure that the 1st day of class, each student has their materials on time. We do not want to have to increase prices to pay for those who cancel at the last minute. That would not be fair to those who really want to become an appraiser. Refund requests must be made certified mail  to protect both your rights and document compliance with our policy. A $ 50.00 cancellation fee per course is deducted from any authorized refund. If you cancel less than 10 days prior to the start of the program in writing or fail to attend the course, no refunds will be granted. We allow exchanges and make up dates  in the event a student has a conflict or is ill. Exchange requests are  to be sent in writing certified mail. We typically limit registration to no more than 30 students per class. ?'s call us at 631-563-7720, for information and questions you have. Make sure you review all this material before you call. Most questions are answered on our main web site, and as such we recommend you research this site thoroughly. USPAP Courses are taught exclusively by Appraisal Foundation Approved National USPAP Instructors. R-1, R-2 and AQ-1 are taught exclusively by State of New York Approved Appraisal Instructors. The program is directed by Bill C. Merrell, Ph.D- School Director/Founder of the school- 2 DECADES of successful operations. Don't settle for a real estate school that offer appraisal courses on a part-time basis- Take real life appraisal courses from a real appraisal school- created with you in mind!

Name_________________________________________________ Phone_____________________________

Address______________________________________________ Town_______________ Zip_____________

Payment:  [  ] check   [  ]VISA   [  ]Mastercard   Tuition: $ 895.00 incl. Books (Pre-Registration Price)

FILL IN THE EXECUTIVE PROGRAM YOU WANT!:   [  ] ___________________________________

Credit Card #______________________________________________________Exp. Date:_____________ 3 Digit______
I wish to enroll in the above circled program. I understand the no refund  policy. All notifications requests are to be made via certified mail for any transfer  request. PLEASE CHECK [X] THE COURSE/PROGRAM YOU WISH TO ATTEND ABOVE. Discount Price is a No-Refund Policy Price. Save Hundreds! We are still freezing the prices for pre-paid registrants. $ 895.00 for all 4 courses when paid in advance, and all agree to the no refund policy, based upon this substantial discount!

Signed______________________________________________________________ Dated__________________

Mail to: Appraisal Education Network School,  1461-16 Lakeland Avenue, Bohemia, NY 11716
Division of the Merrell Institute- Bill C. Merrell, PhD- School Director/Founder. Office:  631-563-7720 Fax: 631-563-7719

(Fax registration with Credit card information) IF YOU WISH TO PAY BY CHECK, MAIL THIS  FORM WITH YOUR CHECK TO US. IF PAYING WITH MASTERCARD OR VISA, MAIL OR FAX IT TO US. You can also sign up over the phone with your VISA or MasterCard to guarantee your spot for this course! We have held the prices down for 3 years and are keeping the prices down through these above classes.  Our fees will increase in February 2007. Take your Training NOW!!!


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